1. Redesign

Of the website

This international company is making supreme cosmetic products and supplements based on natural ingredients. We helped them to engage, keep the looks and to be resposive.

We helped Quantum Vitality Group
to be young and keep the growth going.

2. Graphic Design

Made to be informational and fun,, to intrigue, the promotional material we made for this company had to introduce the new products, and refresh the old ones. We had chalenge to establish the young company with demanding and various international clients.

Marketing material and stationary is the reflection of your vision, of entire brand. QVG had vision to be one with nature, to enable people to fullfil their goals, and therefore, we made marketing material bright and clean, ande people-oriented.

3. Full time support

loyalty program

This kind of website demands a full time customer support and every day work. It is constantly alive and growing. Our team is there to help provide members with all the answers in order to keep the website growing.

4. Running an Ecommerce

It’s more than an ecommerce. Wetality.com is a website with multilevel marketing with loyalty program integrated. It represents a whole ecosystem many more complex than classic e-commerce website. We were able to build a hybrid website including both WordPress and custom code that allows you to get usability of WordPress with all the custom elements and systems you want.

5. Mobile friendly

Specific needs of this company led to unique design, which had to reflect their visions, and business model. We made platform that was adjusted to the types of users, with different accesses. The content and back/end of the website was completely customized depending on the level. 

Specific needs-unique web design.