Vimeksim redesign

Vimeksim is an organization specializing in processing, exporting and providing logistics services for grains and oilseeds. The basic concept of the Vimeksim website is focused on giving visitors all the information right on spot.

Client: “Vimeksim”, Europa
Categories: Corporate Branding, Web Site
Technologies: WordPress, JavaScript - jQuery


Their goal is to be visible, distinguished, unique, as their company profile is. Together, we made everything, from a highly functional user-friendly redesigned website to running online campaigns.


Our first task was logo and website redesign.

The client was included in the process in all stages, while we are fulfilling his vision.
We shaped the idea, make it visible with our textual and visual codes and by using the right tools.

We helped them establish and maintain their webpage and entire visual identity, along with content and marketing materials.

Initiating new visual identity


Our team of graphic designers worked hard on product branding, package design and all other commercial materials such as banners, flyers, and visuals for social and other campaigns.

Visual identity of the brand is what evoke buyers to trust you, so investing more time in design always pays off.

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