Local Ecommerce Website

Balkan Healthcare

ecommerce development

This young company was initiating a new cosmetic product line. We helped them establish and maintain their webpage and entire visual identity, along with contents and marketing materials. 

Their goal is to be visible, distinguished, unique, as their products are. Together, we made everything, from highly functional user-friendly web- shop to running online campaigns.

Initiating new brand, new products,
and visual identity.
Making of highly functional local ecommerce website.

Balkan Healthcare is ready to shine!

1. Website

creating and maintaining

Simple & Effective

Ecommerce development

By following successful strategies we created the website serving as a webshop, but also a base for the digital ecosystem. That was a stepping stone for the business development.

This unique company is oriented on the natural products, but also on superior quality and technologically demanding products. The challenge was to create the fresh and new look and that lead us to this clean, natural appearance.

2. Responsive design

Users can enjoy shopping on this website and get information from all devices. We made the experience smooth for iPhone, iPad, Androids, tablet, and PC. 

It is very important to have a customized website that looks good have the same esthetics to reflex the brand basic guidelines.

As a result of our joined forces, we made digital platforms that all work together to achieve BHC brand`s goal.

3. SEO

The pure strength of the website is shown in clean SEO both on page and technical. Without any link building we were able to rank this website very high in its niche. By analyse all the metrics we were able to made some high quality pages that bring a lot of traffic.

On page


Keyword research

4. Social networks

engaging & building audience


Creating the website served as a base for creating a digital ecosystem was our starting point. We had the privilege to set up digital and social assets for BHC.

That means we developed a strategy for social growth, by using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and their tools.

We run the campaigns on those networks, building an audience that we can convert into clients. We also provided all the content and marketing support.





social networks for ecommerce
content writing


5. the CONTENT

writing & developing

Our team is entirely dedicated to make the most appropriate content for BHC. By following the dream of the company, we always strive for mediating the visual and verbal message in the best way. 

The client is included in the process in all stages, while we are fulfilling his vision. We shape the idea, make it visible with our textual and visual codes and by using the right tools. 

We write relevant blog contents and creating surroundings for the brand, where people can introduce themselves with the themes, ask questions, interconected with the brand directlz and indirectly. With the right content, people can relate, add ingmore meaning to the subjects related with the products

speed up website

Google Lighthouse is Google’s tool that measures website speed, mobile friendliness, time to load and other user experience related factors.

6. Speed boost

Following the Google’s recommendations we were able to increase the website speed and get the highest rates on  both Google Lighthouse and  Page Speed Insights. This site is fast and ready to sell.

6. Graphic design

Ad campaigns visuals

Our team of graphic designers made all visuals for social and other campaigns. One of the examples you can see on the left.


We designed packaging of several products for BHC.

Promo material

Flyers, Inphographics, Newsletters, you name it, we done it all.