Single page website for local business


Invictum. rs is an single page website for local business that sells CBD oils. The basic concept of the website was focused towards giving visitors all the information right on spot. Many people are still uneducated about this product, that’s why it is essential to make everything clear on the first page. This will relax visitors and make them more confident to make a purchase. First impressions is always the one that sticks so we made a custom banner using java script.

Content writing

By content we think about landing pages copywriting along with all the educational blogs. Copywriting is there to sell and sound fancy but blogs are there to educate and you would be amazed of how many purchases comes through blogs.

We had hard task to educate the audience that knows nothing or very little about CBD in general. We try to emerge from the unknown and make everything transparent and unsuspicios for the people unfamiliar with CBD.

Responsive design

It is essential that the website looks appealing on mobile devices because 80% of traffic nowadays comes through mobiles. As an addon we implemented PWA (Progressive web app) in order to enable offline use but also make the website look as a mobile app. Mos purchases came trough mobile devices so we feel our effort wasn’t in vain.


Our team of graphic designers worked hard on products branding, package design and all other commercial materials such as banners, flyers, and adds visuals. Visual identity of the brand is what evoke buyers to trust you, so investing more time in design always pays off