sport courts online

Court builder application allows your customers to gain full control over sports court design.

It is there to enhance customer experience and by making their life easier bring them closer to you.

Sports Court

Our initial idea was to build a simple, useful and user-friendly web application. We were able to emerge with a unique web app used worldwide. Besides having a cool look, user experience and simplicity were our number one priority. You don’t need a manual to use this web app, it is super simple and even a kid can make a sports court in a matter of seconds.

"Tailored-made" for every request

Our customized options and variety
of simple, yet effecting functionalities
providing your visitors tools to create
and adjust everything they like.

Our application
provides different elements needed
for making perfect flooring.

Entirely adjustable to your assortment.

By using Court builder, visitors of your
website can choose and apply different:

  • colors
  • textures
  • flooring
  • patterns
  • materials



Court builder application gives a wide assortment of options to your customers in designing their own court. This highly customized application enables them to make a court for indoor and outdoor sports, in a variety of different functions. Choosing the flooring by usage, pattern, color, they can explore possibilities and enjoy in the designing process. The adjustability and responsiveness of the application will bring more visits to your website, and therefore more closed deals for your company.


sport courts online

Design court in 2D and
3D perspective

We built-in a lot of work and technology in the application, so that users can have great experience, having fun in designing. 

The things you imagined for your court are now easy to apply. Designing and saving of the court is available in 2D and 3D models.

This makes visualization and planing more precise and comprehensive.

Move objects on court

For a complete experience, Court builder enables moving objects with mouse drag. This gives the final touch to the app’s responsiveness, making designing playful and fun.

court builder elements

Court size

Highly adjustable functions set up for changing size. The customers get desired result in according to their needs.

Court rotation

Available court rotation function for better understanding the space and
final product.

Court position

Adjusting court position according to available space for better understanding of the ongoing project.

Color switcher

Changing colors of the field, line, edge, key, around, for meeting all requirements.

Here you can check out several court designs we made in under a minute.

Your new sports court is a click away!

One app to rule them all

Court builder application is stable across all browsers. It is flexible and well adjusted to both Android and IOS environments.

Supported browsers

Supported operating systems

More than a court builder

This web app is made for Versa court (sport court manufacturers). It is applicable across various industries, to name a few:


Interior design





Versa Court Builder Clones

Applications built based upon Versa Court Builder